3 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed 

Professional arborists know just where to look for signs a tree needs to be removed. Some are more obvious, like a leaning or severely damaged tree after a storm. However, there are a few other aspects that could indicate the tree is going to start posing pressing safety concerns with quick intervention from Winnipeg’s tree removal experts.

Below, the team from Mitchel’s All Season Tree Experts provides some insight so that you know when to call for tree removal services.

Even Beautiful Trees Can Pose a Threat to Property or People

Healthy trees grow for many years and significantly improve the value of a property. They provide much-needed shade in the summer and beautify countless residential properties across Manitoba. However, homeowners shouldn’t let the danger signs pass them by. 

Failing to remove a dying tree may result in the following issues:

  • Property damage or personal injury as large branches fall unexpectedly
  • Injuries and fires as weak trees collapse on public sidewalks or ignite powerlines
  • Damage to the yard, vehicles, or pipelines as dying trees uproot or fall over during high winds or storms

3 Signs a Tree Requires Tree Removal Services 

Do you need to remove your tree? The answer typically depends on your tree’s size, age, and growing conditions. Three common signs to note include the following: 

1. Large Dead Branches 

Large dying branches need urgent tree removal services. Bigger branches growing near the canopy of trees pose an immediate safety hazard, as some large branches grow over 20 feet long. If they fall, the branches crack windows, break roofs, intertwine with powerlines, and collapse under snow.

Look for the following signs to assess dangerous large branches: 

  • Weak “U” shaped branch connections
  • Cracked or chipping bark 
  • Branch discoloration
  • Included bark 
  • Wood rot 

Diseased trees cannot send vital nutrients to large branches, either. If tree health is an issue, a professional arborist may attempt to remove dead branches to help the tree grow. However, if there is widespread branch damage and the tree is dying, removal would be better.

2. Insect Infestations 

Another of the signs a tree needs to be removed is the presence of wood-boring insects or pests. Powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, and termites enter dying trees for nest building, food, moisture, and weather protection. Act quickly; wood borers can annihilate the softwood of trees In just three months!

What are the signs an insect infestation has overtaken your tree?

  • Small holes
  • Wood shavings at the tree’s base
  • Cracked or chipping bark

However, never attempt to remove insect nests without professional supervision. Store-bought pesticides may damage your tree, nearby plants, and more.

3. Leaf Discoloration 

Various tree diseases sap essential nutrients from growing trees. For example, Beech Tree Leaf Disease occurs when microscopic nematode worms spread. If you notice yellow-to-white leaves on beech trees or other species, or the leaves fall out of season, call an expert.

Stay Safe and Use Professional Tree Removal Services 

If you notice a tree that needs attention, always speak with an expert for help removing trees from your property. Expert arborists can offer property owners practical tree health assessments and soil quality testing to help trees thrive. 

Keep your family and property safe by speaking with highly trained arborists. A professional tree service company in Winnipeg may advise nutrients to support healthy leaf growth, pruning diseased branches, tree watering, mulching, and other maintenance techniques.

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