What Are Bad Bugs for Trees in Winnipeg, MB?

What bad bugs for trees do you have to look out for? In this article, Mitchel’s All Season Tree Experts, your preferred tree removal company in Winnipeg, MB, explains more about the nasty insects that cause extensive damage to plants in Manitoba. 

bad bugs for trees


We’re off to a good start with these nasty pests. You’ll find them chomping away on any deciduous shrubs or tree species in spring. The larvae hatch in spring and then feed voraciously. They usually denude the trees and plants they hatch on, with devastating effects. 

Healthy trees can handle the onslaught for a season or two but then start to ail. If you can’t get them under control by the third year, you may have to consider tree removal. 

Look out for green or brown larvae and any shade in between. They eat enough to sustain their transformation into moths and spin fine silken cocoons. If you shake the tree, you’ll see them hanging from threads. 

Place tanglefoot around the tree trunk in September and again towards the end of March to stop them in their tracks. 


Aphids are tiny but can be very destructive. They suck the sap out of the leaves, causing them to curl or form galls. You’ll need to look closely at the bottom of the leaf to see the tiny white or green insects at the beginning of an infestation.

As the problem spreads, you’ll see many of them and also notice that their feeding habits leave a sugary substance that drops from the branches. 

Treat them with an appropriate pesticide as soon as possible because they spread quickly. 

Ash Flower Gall Mite

These are bad bugs for trees because they feed on the flowers of the male ash. They form an ugly black mass that mars the view but are not usually a huge problem. You can use pesticides to eradicate them. 

Scale Insects

A scale insect isn’t a fussy eater and will feed on maples, ashes, elms, and evergreens. They can be hard to spot at first because they look like little white specks. As the colony grows, you’ll see creamy or brown lumps. These shells protect the insects as they grow, and they only venture out a little during the crawler stage. 

These pests can cause significant damage to branches, resulting in death or tree removal.  

Leaf Miners 

The larvae of these insects are harmful to your trees. They munch through the center of the leaf, leaving a hollow tube in it. Eventually, the leaf desiccates and falls off. You’ll notice the leaves starting to look a little translucent as the bugs suck out all the chlorophyll-producing cells.

You should deal with this quickly, as it will kill the tree if the attack’s bad enough. 

Spruce Bud Worm

The larvae here are a big problem for Balsam Firs and White Spruce trees. They damage the buds and older needles, causing them to web together. The tree looks like it has been burned with significant damage. 

How to Treat These Insect Infestations

Your best course of action is to call a professional arborist. These infestations spread quickly, so you need to know the right course of treatment. While Neem oil and insecticides are helpful solutions, an expert can tell you what bug you’re dealing with.

They can also give you an honest opinion on whether the tree’s worth saving. 

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