Can You Cut Trees in the Rain?

While you love your trees, you may need to remove them due to disease, old age, or other reasons. To ensure safe and effective tree removal, you’ll have to consider several factors, including the weather conditions on the day you’ve decided to perform the task. 

Storms, severe winds, rainfall, and other weather conditions often affect the tree removal process. So, can you cut trees in the rain?

As tree removal experts in Winnipeg, MB, we explore why you shouldn’t cut a tree in the rain. We’ll even suggest the best weather conditions for tree removal. 

can you cut trees in the rain

Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut Tree During Rain

Can you cut trees in the rain? The simple answer is no. Here are some of the reasons why.

The Ground Is Slippery

The ground often becomes wet and slippery during heavy rains or storms. Since you may need to climb a ladder to cut the branches and the tree itself, there’s the risk of slipping due to the wetness and sustaining severe injuries.

You Can’t See Clearly

When it’s raining, you’ll often be unable to see in front of you. In such situations, your tree-cutting tool might go in the wrong direction and end up inflicting a bad injury on yourself. You may also have a hard time telling whether you’ve fully cut the branch or not. 

Strong Winds May Disturb You

Heavy rainfall usually comes with strong winds, which vigorously sway the branches back and forth. This will make it hard for you to cut the branches. Such situations often result in accidents. 

If you’re lucky enough not to fall due to the strong winds, then you might end up with tree debris in your eyes. This may cause infections and serious injuries. Additionally, the branches might fall without warning and damage property or hurt your loved ones. 

You Risk Animal Attacks

Small animals usually take shelter in tree branches during rainfall. These animals may attack you in self-defense and leave you with severe injuries.

Nearby Power Lines Can Be Dangerous

You should be wary if the backyard tree you want to cut is near a power line. The rainwater can cause short circuits or power outages. This can result in electric shocks that can even cost your life. 

It’s best to avoid cutting any tree that’s even slightly near a power line to keep yourself safe. 

What’s the Ideal Weather for Tree Removal?

In the case of high winds, storms, and even light rain, you’ll need to reschedule the tree removal process. You’ll be safest when you cut a tree on a sunny or overcast calm day. 

It’s also worth noting that tree removal is a complex and risky process. It requires proper training and equipment. That means you should hire a qualified tree removal company to handle the task for you to ensure your safety and that of your property. Some reputable tree-cutting professionals can even remove trees during light rain without any mishaps. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Can you cut trees in the rain? No; the wetness makes it unsafe to use a ladder to reach the branches. The visibility is also poor during heavy rainfalls, and strong winds will give you a hard time cutting the branches. If you need help with cutting trees on your property, talk to the professionals at Mitchel’s All Season Tree Experts. Give us a call at (204) 998-4559 to request a free estimate or to learn about tree cutting equipment pros use in Winnipeg, MB, today! Our experts are ready to help with your unique needs.

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